The all new Quantya electric motorbike is here

We wrote recently about the all new Quantya electric motorbike that is built in Switzerland. Now they officially launched their U.S. distribution  located in Syosset, New York.

Electric Moto Quantya ZH

The Press release is as follows:

Quantya U.S.A.  announced today their official launch and distribution of the Quantya FMX series of Electric Motorcycles designed specifically for the United States market. Quantya is the first to introduce electric competition ready electric motorbikes.

The Quantya electric motorcycles are created in the remote Swiss city of Lugano where both serenity, craftsmanship and technology have merged to deliver the world’s most sturdiest and technically advance electric motocross bike.

With the dependance of providing Swiss design, technology and pride into craftsmanship, all of the Quantya motorcycles are EC law certified and guaranteed for 2 years.

Quantya Sunday – Electric FUN!

The Quantya FMX Motorbikes use the latest advanced Lithium-Polymer battery technology with proprietary electronic system to drive its 14KW motor by either a 47V or 74V battery specification. When fully charged battery it will launch the FMX to speeds of greater than 40mph (governed speed) and provide a range of up to 2 and a half hours.

Quantya USA are building on their already huge success in Europe where motocross enthusiasts can go to their local “Quantya Parks” and experience the thrill and excitement of these electric motorcycles by renting them.

Given the increasing amount of regulations relating tp noise and exhaust emissions, motocross riders now have the possibilities to ride their favourite tracks and trails without noise pollution or polluting the environment either.

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